The British Freemasons Lodge in Bonn

Dear Bretheren, Dear Guests,

Welcome to the Bond of Friendship lodge located in Bonn, which is a German Freemasons Lodge with British traditions. Bond of Friendship has a truly international membership the brethren coming from many different countries and from all walks of life. We work in English but all of our members speak German.

What we all have in common is our work on the “rough stone” – on ourselves – and our endeavour to practice the principles of Freemasonry as we perceive them.

Bond of Friendship is part of the Grand Lodge of British Freemasons in Germany under the United Grand Lodges of Germany.

Our Lodge meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month from November to June and are conducted in English according emulation ritual.

In addition to our regular Lodge meetings, various social and charitable events are held during the course of the year. If you are a Mason, or are a person who is interested in finding out more about Freemasonry and the Lodge, please contact us, we will be very pleased to meet you and answer any questions you may have, about us and our activities.